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The funny thing about it is that she sees the photos more clearly now than she had when she remembered. Looking back at this other girl’s life, she notices things. How bored Light looks when he doesn’t know the camera is pointed at him. How absent Soichiro is from the mundane pictures, present only in portraits and ceremonies, and the occasional posed family-shot. How tired her Sachiko seems to get, over the years.

She learns their names that way. Soichiro and Sachiko, printed neatly in what must be her mother’s handwriting, on the back of a wedding photo. Each picture is labeled with the names of the people in it, and the year it was taken. They’re sorted in envelopes. Halloween costumes, the beach, Sayu’s birthdays, Light’s birthdays.

Her favourites are the ones crammed into Misc. Shoved half-heartedly down behind the rest of them. Light as a toddler sitting on an overturned umbrella, herself covered in food in the kitchen, playing in a mess of things she’d pulled out of the cupboards. Both of them asleep in the back seat of the car, looking more alike than she’d really imagined they could. Photos she imagines her mother couldn’t help but take, rather than being supposed to.

Sayu tucks the last one into her pocket, before closing the box and putting it away. It feels wrong to keep looking, like what she’s found here isn’t really hers to disturb. She’d hoped it’d help her remember, but all it’s done is made her not sure she wants to.

Sayu is determined not to cry.  Determined.  Only, somehow, it's happening anyways, and she's going to burn the dumplings, if she isn't careful.
"I think I'll stick with the grenades, for now."

Apr. 11th, 2009

The kitten is asleep. Meile is nowhere to be found. Light is too complicated. Mel is probably off with Mail. Mikami is God Knows Where.

Sayu is in crisis. The solution;

Baking. Lots and lots of baking. Two batches of cookies, a tray of brownies, and now she's mixing the last of the batter for the chocolate cake, and the whole kitchen smells like a Betty Crocker commercial. Sayu is contemplating just letting go and crying into the chocolate. She's becoming too much like her brother, she won't let herself.

future perfect

[This is a not-canon thread of a Sayu, once this one has left, re-arriving in the mansion in her future.]

It might take a second to recognize her. She ties the knot in the bolt of burgundy-orange fabric tighter at her hip, and wipes her forehead on her arm. She's tanned- and freckled, too, she didn't know she had freckles but they show in Ghana. Her shoulders are muscled. Her shirt is sticky with sweat.

Her hair, which is shaved short, like a soldier's, is damp with it too. Sayu needs a cold shower and to kick off her boots and put up her feet. It's been a long day, and on top of that, she's not home, she's back here.

edit undo

When heavy curtains are thrown open, sunlight streams into the room suddenly and catches all the dust that's being shaken free by the sudden ruckus of movement. So it is with Sayu coming back to herself; she's suddenly shocked wide awake, mind scrabbling furiously to catch up with what's been happening to her. Light. Awful rice porridge. How could she have let all this happen? Why didn't she move?

There was a story about a duck. She remembers it all, clear as day. And now that everything is at the right speed again, she sits bolt upright on the bed and cries out.


He is, after all, her big brother, who has proven time and time again that he'll save her, no matter what.

eggplant and enthusiasm

*You know what Sayu has never tried before? Cooking anything with eggplant. Which is why she's cutting it up, covering it with parmesan and preheating the oven. She has a lot of spare time on her hands, so she's just kind of abusing the privelege of having a massive amount of cookbooks on hand. It's only ended with fires... twice, so far which is pretty good for Sayu.

She glances over her shoulder when she hears someone enter the kitchen, and smiles.*


tea and scheming

*The nearest kitchen isn't all that close, but they take the walk in silence. Sayu is a little too disgruntled to start with the idle chit chat, not to mention wondering whether or not this is a good idea. She'll have to vet this L a little more before she tells him anything particularly serious. And nothing that could get the Light she knows here in trouble, or that could identify him as the one from her world. Ugh, this is such a headache.

In the kitchen, she goes immediately for the kettle, filling it with enough water for two. A few more seconds of casting about desperately for something conversational to say, and she manages;*

Black currant all right?

*She keeps her voice light and steady.*


*There are skills you lose if you don't practice. There are things you need to read up on to keep them fresh. Plus, Sayu just loves what she's studying. That's why she's up to her elbows in the most technical books she could find in the library.*


Dec. 2nd, 2008

*Funny, how every once in a while you stumble on the very person you had been looking for. Sayu smiles at Light- an 'I've got baking!' smile, and pulls the lid off the cookie tin.*

Hi Light! Chocolate?